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Here at STONCEPT we put our values, mission and vision before anything. In order to ensure the best service possible we like to make these known to our valued customers.

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Our Story

We've Been Helping Customers With Electrical, Plumbing and Handy Services Since 2018

Our Mission

STONCEPT is devoted to the community, employees, suppliers, and our clients in providing comprehensive solutions in the Plumbing, electrical and handyman services area, providing the most advanced technology on the market, through the highest construction standards and quality standards, which allow satisfying the needs and expectations of our clients with cost effective solutions guaranteeing an excellent service. The commitment of our multidisciplinary team is to provide administrative and technical support in the professional areas in an agile, competent, and reliable manner for the benefit of our clients. It is our responsibility to continuously contribute to the professional development of STONCEPT staff, considering occupational health and safety. STONCEPT is committed to offering its clients a wide range of construction products and services, considering the market dynamics and our clients' budget. STONCEPT aims to maintain our leadership and our contribution to our community's economic and social development with a high level of innovation, cost-effectiveness, and productivity that allows us to satisfy the needs of our clients.

Our Vision

We position ourselves as a leading organization in developing construction projects, repairs, and renovations with local, state, and national recognition, achieving extraordinary results for our clients. Characterizing ourselves by our commitment to high quality and the trust and guarantee that we offer our clients by working responsibly with safety, health, and the environment.

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